Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Nolan's 1937 Ford Pickup and Panel Truck

These sharp 1937 Ford trucks belong to Nolan Cason (kkiserneto.com)

1937 Ford Deluxe 1/2 Ton Panel Delivery bought in 1987 restoration completed in 1993 it was a Street Rod he Purchased in Huntley NB in 1987 with exception of Hydraulic Brakes the restoration is back to original. Options include :Banjo Steering Wheel, Spider Hub caps beauty rings & white walltires, Center Front Grill Guard, Glove Box Clock, Columbia Overdrive Rear Axle, Fog Lights

1937 Ford Deluxe 1/2 Ton Flat Bed Pickup
owned since 1967 restored in 1970 second restoration completed in 1999 Color is Gull Gray this is the correct color for the 1937 Commercial Vehicles... Fenders are Black. Options are same as Above

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