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2012 Ford Harley-Davidson F-150 Offers the Ultimate in Performance, Style with New Features, Class-Leading Power

The 2012 Ford Harley-Davidson™ F-150 delivers on the custom cool design that the lineup has been known for, with new snakeskin leather interior accents, a new stylized bodyside graphic and a new wheel and premium paint color. Combine that with a standard 6.2-liter V8 engine and plenty of technology, and it delivers power, capability and style like no other.

•2012 Ford Harley-Davidson™ F-150 offers distinctive new design enhancements with snakeskin leather interior accents and unique bodyside graphic. Also new for 2012 are 22-inch machined-aluminum wheels with painted accents and unique center cap as well as a premium exterior color choice – White Platinum Tri-Coat

•Standard content includes the voice-activated Navigation System, a 4.2-inch productivity screen, power moonroof and Remote Start System

•The truck is powered by a 6.2-liter V8 gasoline engine, which uses big-bore architecture to deliver a best-in-class 411 horsepower and 434 lb.-ft. of torque and provides maximum trailer towing capability of 7,500 pounds
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STURGIS, S.D., Aug. 9, 2011– The 2012 Ford Harley-Davidson™ F-150 delivers on the custom cool design the lineup is known for, with new snakeskin leather interior accents and a stylized bodyside graphic. Also new are the wheel design and a premium paint color. Combine that with a standard 6.2-liter V8 engine and plenty of technology, and it delivers power, capability and style like no other.

“This is a great pairing of two icons of the open road: Ford and Harley-Davidson. Both brands appeal to truck owners and motorcycle enthusiasts alike,” said Marc Lapine, Ford F-150 marketing manager. “For 2012 we worked with Harley-Davidson to continue to push the styling envelope while still delivering the durability and power that F-150 is known for and that our collective customers expect. It perfectly captures both brands.”

The successful collaboration between Ford and Harley-Davidson has produced 10 F-150 models, as well as six Super Duty F-250 and F-350 models, and in 2009 the first Harley-Davidson F-450 edition truck. Ford has sold more than 70,000 Ford Harley-Davidson F-Series trucks since the brands teamed up in 1999.

Design in the details

The exterior of the 2012 Ford Harley-Davidson F-150 offers a bold front fascia and six-bar billet-style bright chrome grille, and it boasts “Harley-Davidson” bright chrome badging. The truck also has a lowered appearance with a standard, fully integrated deployable running board.

Also standard are new 22-inch machined-aluminum wheels with painted accents and Harley-Davidson bar and shield logo on center cap. The paint selection is classic Harley-Davidson – Tuxedo Black and White Platinum Tri-Coat; this is the first year white has been offered.

New graphics on the bodyside of the truck are executed in a unique snakeskin texture, while “Harley-Davidson” dimensional lettering is featured on the box side. The snakeskin is inspired by tank inserts on premium-level Harley-Davidson motorcycles and also comes into play on the interior.

“This is the first time we’ve captured the full spectrum of light to dark on the exterior,” said Mike Massara, F-150 program manager. “The graphic flows and accents the design curve of the truck, yet brings the texture of the snakeskin into the vehicle, which is something that’s very difficult to do.”

Interior trim panels are covered in high-gloss Tuxedo Black paint, while the console lid and upper steering wheel carry the snakeskin leather. The scuff plate features brushed aluminum with snakeskin texture. All interior chrome surfaces feature a satin finish. Premium snakeskin leather-trimmed seats come with accent color inserts and unique cloisonné badge.

The 2012 Ford Harley-Davidson F-150 interior is customized to appeal to the truck buyer who appreciates the attention to detail for which both Ford and Harley-Davidson are renowned.

Examples are the seats and the console lid featuring handmade cloisonné badges that are produced by the same company that makes badges for Harley-Davidson motorcycles; the console has limited-edition serialization plates, which include laser-engraved VIN and build numbers.

Nearly every member of the Harley-Davidson F-150 team at Ford is a Harley-Davidson owner.

Superior convenience

The 2012 Ford Harley-Davidson F-150 offers plenty of technology options to meet customer needs. Key to helping customers take advantage of all the capability offered by the Harley-Davidson F-150 is a standard 4.2-inch LCD (liquid crystal display) productivity screen.

This screen offers a range of menu options, giving the customer important information on everything from fuel economy to towing performance. The menu is navigated through a five-way button on the steering wheel; the screen is positioned between the tachometer and speedometer.

Additionally, the 2012 Ford Harley-Davidson F-150 comes equipped with a standard voice-activated Navigation System that integrates several functions, including voice-recognition destination entry, climate control and SiriusXM Satellite Radio into one easy-to-use system, displaying them on an 8-inch touch screen.

For the customer who wants more control of transmission gear selection, SelectShift Automatic™ transmission functionality is standard. A toggle switch located on the console shift lever engages the mode, where the transmission doesn’t second-guess the driver, giving total control over gear selection and performance feel.

Other standard features on the 2012 Ford Harley-Davidson F-150 include:

•Power moonroof
•Rear view camera
•Second-row heated seats
•Ambient lighting
•Remote Start System
•110-volt power inverter
•Power-adjustable performance pedals
Potent power

Ford tapped into a bit of its proud racing heritage to create the 6.2-liter V8 gasoline engine, which uses big-bore architecture to produce impressive horsepower and torque. The gasoline engine delivers a best-in-class 411 horsepower and 434 lb.-ft. of torque and provides maximum trailer towing capability of 7,500 pounds.

Customer benefits of the 6.2-liter V8 gasoline engine include:

•SOHC valvetrain with roller-rocker shafts: The single overhead camshaft (SOHC) per cylinder head design results in a stiff valvetrain that allows optimized camshaft lift profiles and results in great low-speed torque. The roller-rocker shafts allow valve angles to be splayed, resulting in optimized intake and exhaust port layout for better breathing

•Dual-equal variable cam timing: Intake and exhaust valve opening and closing events are phased at the same time to optimize fuel efficiency and performance throughout the engine speed range and throttle positions

•Two spark plugs per cylinder: Due to the large bore size, two spark plugs per cylinder are used to more efficiently burn the fuel-air mixture in the combustion chamber, enabling better fuel economy and increased engine torque. The twin plugs also help the engine maintain a smooth, stable idle

•Dual knock sensors: A knock sensor on each bank of cylinders of the V8 engine allows the spark timing of each cylinder to be individually optimized real-time, throughout the engine speed range. The engine learns the optimum timing via an adaptive algorithm

F-Series firsts

Harley-Davidson F-Series trucks have continuously been pushing the envelope of innovation, bringing a variety of features to F-Series for the first time, including:

•20-inch wheels
•22-inch wheels
•Wet-on-wet paint
•Badges as interior ornamentation
•All-wheel drive
•Power deployable running boards
•High-gloss painted interior

Source: Ford

Ford's New Small-Vehicle Platform Is Turning Heads

Start with the ingredients needed to build an exceptional new small car: smart design, high-quality underbody and powertrain, and streamlined production.

The result is the revolutionary 2012 Focus. Now transform the recipe. Take that smallcar platform and design a sleek, versatile and compact SUV; then create a clever multi activity vehicle that has anticipated a family’s needs. Keep innovating. That is how Ford uses a forward-thinking formula to build 10 unique world-class small vehicles from a single platform. Meet the dynamic C-segment lineup.

How does the C-segment platform make Ford an even better car company? Building many cars off one platform provides Ford with economies of scale that, in turn, allow the company to offer vehicles with some of the most sophisticated features in the world at affordable prices. Any one of the Ford C-platform models could redefine the world’s expectations of a small car, delivering an unprecedented level of technology, features, craftsmanship, ride quality and quietness. “The new C-sized family from Ford will be the strongest demonstration yet of how we’re harnessing the company’s global resources to deliver real customer benefits,” says Derrick Kuzak, group vice president of Global Product Development for Ford. “The scale we’re generating makes it possible to deliver all that.”

Lest you think a single platform means limited style, take a look at the range of silhouettes. Every C-platform vehicle employs kinetic design language, which makes them look like they’re in motion even while they’re standing still. They’re unique unto themselves, yet they all reflect Ford Motor Company President and CEO Alan Mulally’s “ONE Ford” strategy, in which the fleet is similarly excellent—and distinctly recognizable—the world over. The C-platform exemplifies the commitment Ford has to giving you exceptional value in today’s changing automobile market.

That’s vital because, as Kuzak points out, “people downsize cars, not expectations. They want the amenities they’re used to in larger vehicles. They want a small car that is fully appointed with the right materials, craftsmanship and quality.” Without a doubt, they’re going to want a C-car.

If you boil down the many benefits of an all-electric vehicle to one simple fact, it may just be this: no more trips to the fuel pump. An all-electric version of the flagship Focus is due late this year, and it should come as no surprise that the first fuel-free rechargeable passenger car from Ford has been done right. The 2012 Focus Electric will have a better miles per- gallon equivalent than the Chevrolet Volt* and will have about half the charging time of the current Nissan Leaf using 240-volt charging. “Its advanced powertrain will deliver zero emissions without compromising driving enjoyment,” Kuzak says. “And its suite of smart driver information technologies will transform the way customers think about energy usage and their transportation needs.”

Indeed, you’ll love that the Focus Electric’s connectedness goes well beyond the wall plug. It comes with a unique execution of SYNC® with MyFord Touch™ driver connect technology; electric-vehicle-specific features will allow you to keep tabs on battery charge, distance to your charging point, expected range surplus and other helpful data that make it easy to live with an electric vehicle. The driver interface allows you to change settings to optimize your range, and at the end of each trip it displays cool info such as how many miles were gained through regenerative braking, how much energy was consumed and the amount of money you saved compared with a gasoline vehicle. You can even monitor vehicle settings and charging remotely from your smartphone. And when it comes time to plug in, a Value Charging technology powered by Microsoft®** tells you when to charge to get the cheapest utility rates. Also, if some distant cousin shows up with an electric vehicle made by another company, you’ll be able to graciously let him or her charge up in your garage because of the fact that Ford had a leadership role in creating the industry standards for electric-vehicle plugs.

On the open road, the Focus Electric shares many of the dynamic driving characteristics of the zippy, gas-powered edition, including the European-engineered steering, handling and braking. The difference, of course, is the all-electric powertrain and single-speed transmission, which give you off-the-line responsiveness with the speed of switching on a light. And the engine smoothly accelerates to a projected top speed of 84 mph.

It’s time for a fresh take on the compact family vehicle. Introducing the C-MAX, an all-new, unique multiactivity vehicle that features twin sliding rear doors and flexible 5+2 seating— so everybody in your brood can easily fit comfortably for any occasion. This vehicle embodies an entirely new realm of performance, convenience and versatility. Take, for instance, the optional hands-free liftgate. So long as you have your Intelligent Access key fob in your pocket or bag, you don’t have to dig for it while balancing armloads of groceries and a wriggling dog on a leash. Just wave your foot under the rear bumper and the liftgate opens on its own. You can even set how high you want it to rise.

That is only the beginning of what the C-MAX has to offer. Another hallmark of the car’s versatility is the flexible 5+2 seating configuration, which features an ingenious mechanism that allows the middle seat in the second row to fold down and flip beneath the right-hand seat, instantly creating walk-through access to the third row. Everyone sits up high in the C-MAX—the better to enjoy the view through the optional fixed panoramic roof—and the driver enjoys a veritable command center, with optional push-button start, an elevated gearshift and easy access to the car’s plethora of other technology. Tune in to optional HD Radio®, monitor the optional rearview camera, or, with optional SYNC with MyFord Touch, call someone on your phone’s contact list, have text messages read to you, check the weather or traffic, get directions or control the cabin temperature—all using simple voice commands. That keeps your hands on the wheel and your focus on the road.

Step on the gas, and you’ll be impressed with the punch you get from the optional allaluminum 1.6-liter EcoBoost™ I-4 engine, as well as how little fuel it uses, thanks to the car's combination of direct-injection turbocharging and twin independent variable camshaft timing. The multi-link rear suspension and new torque-vectoring control allow you to take sharp corners with confidence, and the car's safety features go so far as to monitor tire pressure and notify you of any inconsistencies. And when you arrive at your destination, the optional Active Park Assist will guide the vehicle smoothly into the best-suited parallel parking space, to the cheers of everyone onboard. Even more good news: The C-MAX will also be available in a shorter, five-passenger hybrid and Energi plug-in hybrid model.

Source: Ford

All-New Ford Ranger

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Ford Fiesta Celebrates 35th Birthday

•2011 marks 35 years since the 1976 launch of the Ford Fiesta – a car that has achieved iconic status in Europe and around the world

•15 millionth Fiesta produced in July, with demand for the sixth generation model showing no signs of waning

•Ford celebrates Fiesta landmarks with interior and exterior revisions and upgrades to keep the highly popular model on top of its game

COLOGNE, Germany, July 29, 2011 – The Ford Fiesta is celebrating two milestones in the summer of 2011, reaching its 35th birthday with a total of 15 million cars produced worldwide.

But despite turning 35, Fiesta is showing no signs of a mid-life crisis. In fact, it looks sharper than ever inside and out thanks to a refreshing facelift.

The Ford Fiesta reached the 15 million production landmark this month, a figure boosted by the popularity of the latest generation model. Ford has built a million of the current model since it debuted 28 months ago.

As Europe’s best-selling small car in 2009, 2010 and on track to accomplish the same feat in 2011, the Fiesta is one of Ford’s greatest success stories – appealing to several generations of drivers with its attractive styling, practicality, efficiency and performance.

“The Fiesta is a special car that has a special place in the hearts of European customers and car lovers around the world,” said Roelant de Waard, vice president, Marketing, Sales and Service, Ford of Europe. “It’s a testament to the original Fiesta from 1976 and the engineers who have developed and improved the car through more than three decades that the Fiesta remains one of the world’s most popular cars.

“Times and technologies have changed, but as long as the Fiesta continues to deliver the style, economy and performance elements that have been present from the very beginning, it will remain an enduring success.”

To keep the Fiesta’s dynamic styling and customer appeal as fresh as ever, Ford is introducing a number of exterior and interior styling changes.

Furthermore, two new exterior colours – Mars Red and Fashionista – are now available and Digital Audio Broadcasting radios, enabling drivers to tune into a larger range of stations with better sound quality where present, are introduced alongside Sony audio systems, both equipped with the signal-improving Diversity Antenna.

From the Fiesta Trend onwards the range now has carpet-backed rear seats and a map pocket on the rear of the driver’s seat. The enhanced Fiesta Trend also adds fog lamps with chrome surrounds and unique wheel trims for the exterior. Inside, new bright silver applications for the air vents and door levers create a striking contrast with a new dark grey interior package. A full leather soft-touch steering wheel, trip computer and attractive new seat trim are also being added.

The Fiesta Sport and Titanium feature the same updates, while the recently unveiled Fiesta Sport Special Edition adds exclusive features including leather seats, black alloy wheels, gloss black interior detailing and silver exterior elements.

The range topping Fiesta Titanium boasts further upgrades, including a new chrome strip for the upper front grille, exciting new 15-inch alloy wheels and a woven headliner. New partial leather seats are also available as an option.

“These upgrades ensure that the Fiesta continues to put its best foot forward in terms of style, equipment and comfort, just as it has done for the past 35 years,” said de Waard.

“With 15 million sales worldwide, the customer response to the Fiesta as a small car package speaks for itself, and we hope the carefully selected upgrades to the current Fiesta will further improve its appeal to small car drivers across the globe.”

The very first Fiesta was produced in Valencia, Spain, in 1976 as Ford’s practical and economical response to a fuel crisis that was gripping the world, and it immediately tapped into a small car demand in Europe and around the world.

Valencia continues to build the current Fiesta production with Ford’s manufacturing plant in Cologne, Germany, now producing the majority of new Fiestas. The Fiesta also is built in Nanjing, China, Rayong, Thailand, and Cuautitlàn, Mexico.

Thirty-five years, six generations and 15 million cars after its debut, the Fiesta continues to offer practicality, style and efficiency to car buyers of all ages

SourceL Ford