Thursday, January 22, 2009

Massive Mustang Junkyard Found in Rhode Island

By Matt, December 9th, 2008

Over on a member somehow stumbled upon a 200 plus acre Mustang Junkyard in the middle of nowhere in Rhode Island. The junkyard which was started in the 60's is populated with heavy tree cover and brush and is said to house some 20,000 antique and classic cars all throughout the woods. According to the forum member the cars were driven into the field and left to rust by the owner of the junkyard who is now in his 70's, going blind and has a drinking problem. Recently the state was made aware of this junkyard and ordered the owner to clean it up or all the cars will be crushed. There are said to be hundreds of 64-71 Mustangs including convertibles, Mach 1's, Boss', K-codes, fastbacks and maybe even Shelby's.

From the photos you can clearly see most of the Mustangs have heavy rust and body damage so restoring these will definately be challenging. If you have time I would look through a few of the junkyard photos below and after jump along with the aerial satellite views showing all the cars scattered throughout the 200 acre woods.

 - Aerial View, click on "birds eye" for better view, go back to the south east and keep looking over the whole field until you get to a small river or stream. Its amazing how many cars you can see in the woods.

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