Saturday, September 3, 2016

Check Out These Classic Ford's

Check Out these Classic Ford Cars and see if you remember when they were in your neighborhood.

T Model Pickup  Why not make you work in one load instead of many loads. After all it is a Ford Truck and it can carry the load.

 Ford Logo's   It wasn't many years ago, when Ford Dealers had these neon signs at their dealerships.

Ford Vehicle Logo  Do you remember seeing these on the Ford Automobiles?

1957 Ford Ranchero  When these came out they had the name of "Cowboy's Pickup", it was based on the platform of a sedan and the ladies could haul a load in it and still feel like they were driving a sedan.

!969 Ford Comets   Ford built the Ford Comet to replace the Ford Falcon. It was a great selling vehicle during the higher gas prices.

!965 Ford Mustang  The "Pony" Car, the intro in 1964 into the "Sports Car" market. Check out the hood locks. This was a common sight among car owners of the sixties.

Ford Mustang Ghia II  Ford came out with the small mustang in the early sixties and through the years it became a larger car. During the years of higher gas prices the reduced the size of the Mustang. It never became a hit amongst customers as the larger model was.

1970 Ford Torino King Cobra In 1970 they had the Cobra Torino which you could buy from any Ford dealer. But if you wanted to buy the King Cobra you had to go to a specialized Ford Dealer to buy it. It had a completely different frond end that the King Cobra.

1958 Ford Ranchero It came with dual headlights and two-toned paint and extra chrome.

1962 Ford Fairlane The model shown above was the Custom Fairlane model.

1965 Ford Mustang  You could get the Mustang in 1965 with a vinyl top.

1959 Ford Fairlane 500 In the late 50's you had a lot of chrome on the cars and you had two-toned pain jobs. You could buy the car in a four-door hard top, a four-door without the center pillow that made the car look more like a two door sedan.

Australian Ford  XP Deluxe Falcon Utility

1968 Ford Bronco Eddie Bauer (Full Size)

Early 60's Ford Bronco

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