Tuesday, April 1, 2014

S550 To Debut With 1,000 Limited Edition 2014.5 Mustangs

2015 Ford Mustang Concept Rendering

Ford Motor Company inside sources are reporting the newly redesigned–but still highly secretive–2015 S550 Mustang will make its debut with a limited edition, 1,000 unit run of 2014 1/2 Mustangs.
[UPDATE: The 2015 Mustang is here and we have exclusive video, images, specs and more on the all-new 2015 Ford Mustang.]

Following an earlier media slip-up by a Ford representative, MustangsDaily is now confirming a special edition, limited release of the up-and-coming S550 Mustang to be produced as a 2014 1/2 model year car, fully badged and with special VIN numbers for identification. We’ve already viewed the new Mustang in action and heard what its V8 may sound like, now we know the first of these new pony cars to roll out of the factory will be a must-have edition to collector’s treasure troves. With only 1000 Mustangs set for special 2014.5 markings, expect significant dealership markup on pricing when they do become available.
In addition to the body redesign and new motor options expected, the V8 option may receive a power upgrade putting the expected coyote motor’s output at anywhere from 450-475 horsepower.

What will the 2014 1/2 Mustang look like?

With the piles of concept designs, spy shots and rumors floating around the web it can be hard to digest the endless stream of information surrounding the next generation Mustang, let alone paint an accurate picture of what the car will look like. Here’s a few designs that might be the most accurate representation we have yet:
2015 Ford Mustang New Design

Despite the hooting an hollering of many enthusiasts about the new Mustang being too European or possibly having a design that closely mirrors Ford’s EVOS concept, the latest video and spy shots indicate quite the opposite. The latest evidence we have points to an aggressive, possibly Jaguar F-type inspired design that is far from the fully rounded EVOS concept.
It’s very possible Ford has not publicly squashed the “Eurostang” rumors to help fuel sales of their 2014 Mustangs; the last production S197 cars to be built. Ford, as well as other automobile manufacturers, have had considerable difficulties moving the final model production year vehicles off their lots.  The Eurostang scare has helped sell current 2013 Mustangs at a rate that has surpassed Camaro sales by more than 3,000 cars–not too bad considering the monstrous hype behind the 2015′s release.

When can we expect to see these 2014.5 Mustangs?

All signs point to the 2015 Mustang being released at the New York Auto Show, on April 17th–the Mustang’s 50th anniversary. With less than a year from the official release, it wouldn’t be surprising if some lucky photographer snaps a few shots of the car before Ford officially lifts the cover on this highly anticipated vehicle.

News Source: MustangsDaily

Image Sources: Mustang6G & Car&Driver

Source:  blog.americanmuscle.com

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