Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Hear The 2015 Mustang’s V8 As It Tears Away From The Paparazzi

What you’re looking at here is another 2015 Mustang prototype cruising around Detroit. Spotting the new Mustang in the wild hasn’t been a difficult task lately, but what sets this new video footage apart is the glorious rumble of its V8.

Wary Mustang enthusiasts rejoice, the 2015 Mustang indeed will have a heart-warming V8 under its hood come 2015. Ford has been actively testing the new Mustang, probably fine-tuning the design for release at the 2014 NY Auto Show and fortunately for us, there’s been plenty of spy photographers capturing the action. Here we see a couple guys out testing an S550 mule that have a hunger for the go pedal, aggressively revving the V8 from a quite rumble up to the soothing growl we’ve come to expect from a Ford Mustang.
I must say, that’s a mighty fine sounding V8–definitely something worthy of the Mustang’s platform.

Source:  blog.americanmuscle.com

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