Sunday, June 19, 2016

Vintage DPW: 1965 Ford Falcon Van

I wonder if someday when we’re all a bit older we’ll look around at the municipal vehicles we used to see on the roads – by this time, now sitting in junkyards – and think about how cool they were. Personally, I’m skeptical that I’ll find a late-model F350 or Econoline any more interesting than I do now, but this 1965 Ford Falcon Econoline window van here on eBay makes the city of Omaha’s DPW seem downright hip. 

I realize that at the time they were new, the Falcon window vans likely encouraged a similar reaction to my disinterest in modern fleet vehicles. But that seems to be the trend nowadays – everything that was tossed out like yesterday’s garbage a few years ago is now the epitome of desirable if it can be considered “vintage.” Extra points are typically given if the vehicle in question still wears its original business lettering or department emblems, as this Falcon van does.

The seller says he rescued this Falcon from a car crusher, winning an auction to keep it from the jaws of death. The motor turns over freely but will need a valve job, and he somewhat obviously adds that more work may be needed after that. I suspect he already knows that it will, otherwise why mention that a valve job may solve its ills? The price is $2,750 with the possibility of submitting a best offer.

While there is rust repair needed, I would simply keep the exterior paint in place and coat it with some clear. Fix the rust, get the motor running and clean up the interior, then just drive the thing. It looks like the Omaha DPW logos will still present well, which would make this Falcon window van a hit at any cruise-in if it stays in the Nebraska area. There’s another Falcon van with no running gear going for $2,400 or best offer – but for my money, the DPW lineage makes this one worth a few extra bucks.



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