Thursday, June 23, 2016

1935 Ford Phaeton

left front

This old Ford was stored in a basement for almost 60 years. It’s very original and many of the missing parts are included. It will need running boards, an interior, top and much more. The front part of the floor is rusted, but the rest of the car is pretty solid. Thanks to Fred W for the tip.

The dash is all there and original. It even has the key. That is daylight you see through the floor, though.


The paint, if not original, is certainly old. It could possibly be left as it is if it’s restored to look original.


It’s easy to imagine what this old Ford looked like on the road. That skinny bumper certainly hasn’t fared very well.


The engine certainly looks untouched. After all these years, that old flathead may be frozen.


This is going to be a big expensive project for someone whether it’s restored to stock or custom. Sadly, it is not likely to remain stock. It would be nice, though, if the stock look is maintained even if it’s mounted on a modern chassis. It is listed on Craigslist in White House, Tennessee with an asking price of $18,000. Complete unrestored examples of these are rather rare, but is there any way this could be worth anything near this amount? What do you think would be a fair price? It will interesting to read the comments and see what ideas you have for this Phaeton.


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