Thursday, June 23, 2016

1964 Ford Thunderbird Hardtop


What a bright and sunny car! And it’s currently from a sunny and dry location (Maricopa, Arizona) after spending a lot of time in “dry” Colorado. The Thunderbird is for sale here on eBay, where the buy-it-now is $8,500 but bidding is considerably less than that

Before you go running to your color charts, no, this isn’t a factory color (at least that I could find) for 1964 Thunderbirds. The seller tells us that the car was originally Florentine Green and is now Solar Yellow. I realize that some of you will find the color choice gaudy, but please keep in mind this is a rather plain car for a Thunderbird, and the bright color certainly makes you take notice, doesn’t it?


I can’t help it, I like this car, even though eventually I think I’d eventually want to return it to its original color scheme. But I think I’d enjoy it for a while like this first! The vinyl top is new, as are the tires. The seller talks about winning local car shows with the bright bird as well.


The interior still reflects the body’s green origins, although it does look quite nice. The carpet kit is new, and parts of the seats have been replaced as well. I have a feeling the lack of air conditioning and the seller’s retirement to Arizona may have something to do with the sale! However, I would actually prefer the crank windows this car has over power ones, though, as it’s one less vintage electro-mechanical system to worry about.


A healthy 390 V8 lives under the hood. It should be healthy, as the car is said to have covered only 32,481 miles from new. It doesn’t look like 132,481, so hopefully that really is the case. The seller has some records supporting this low mileage total as well, and believes they are the second owner. Would you like to be the third? I know I would!


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