Thursday, June 23, 2016

1962 Ford Ranchero


Regular Barn Finds readers know I love me some Falcon-based Ranchero! My first automotive memories are from the inside of a 1963 Falcon wagon, and I love my pickup so much maybe it’s a dream woven from those two memories! In any case, this is a pretty nice looking driver Ranchero that’s had the same owner (third one) for the last 10 years. Thanks to Jim S. for sending us this great find!

I’m pretty sure I don’t agree with the seller’s interpretation of “rust free.” It looks like there is some covered up corrosion along the rocker panel, and there’s a strange riveted patch on the other side right beyond the rear wheel well. That being said, Wimbledon White always looks good on 1960’s Fords! The seller tells us that they purchased the vehicle from California and have never used it in the salt now that they are in Southampton, New York.

There’s that patch I was talking about. If you are going to take the time to fabricate a nice patch like that, why not weld it in place properly? This shot does do a nice job of showing off the bed, which the seller maintains can carry 850 pounds. That’s a pretty decent amount for a truck this small, don’t you think?

That’s a pretty nice interior for a driver! The red and white combination really works for me, and somehow the faded carpet just blends right in (red + white = pink!) The seller is claiming 67,000 miles. What do you think? Based on the interior it might be possible, but I’m not sure myself.

If you can convince me that the valve cover and air cleaner paint are original, then maybe I’ll believe that low mileage claim. It does appear that there have been some radiator cap or overheating issues, although I suppose that could just be old age. The newish battery, modern plug wires and clean oil filter are all indicators that the seller’s claim of regular use is true, although with a three on the three I’m not sure I’d want to be in a lot of stop and go traffic. If you have become intrigued by this Ranchero, take a look at the auction here on eBay, where the buy-it-now is $5,650 but who knows, maybe the seller would consider a lower offer?


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