Thursday, June 23, 2016

New Ford Bronco Renderings

An all-new Ford Bronco is on the way, at least we’re pretty sure it is. There’ll be four new SUVs from Ford over the next four years, and we’re operating under the presumption that one will be a new Bronco. Everyone is excited for a return of the Bronco, and we have a few new renderings to show you.
These latest renderings come from and give us a unique idea of what the vehicle could look like. It retains the two door SUV setup, with a retro-inspired front end and other details. One cool feature of the front end is an integrated winch. Should the Bronco come with a factory winch (which we don’t expect) it would be one of the most-capable SUVs for sale.
It’s clear they took their inspiration from the current F-150 and outside-the-US Ranger. We’re not convinced that this design has any validity with the final version, but it’s cool as heck to look at.
What do you think? 

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