Thursday, June 23, 2016

1973 Ford Transit MK1 Camper

041016 Barn Finds - 1973 Ford Transit Mk1 Camper - 1

Now that summer is almost here, for those folks who have more than one season where they live, it’s time to load up the camper and head out onto the road. This 1973 Ford Transit MK1 Camper is located in the Stanstead area of the United Kingdom and it sure looks like a winner. It has been in storage in Ireland for the last eighteen years and has recently been taken out of its slumber and brought back to life.

041016 Barn Finds - 1973 Ford Transit Mk1 Camper - 3

This would be a nice vehicle for me, that ladder would lead to a heck of a photo vantage point on the roof. This was the first-generation of Ford Transit to be built in the United Kingdom and it was introduced in 1965 and ran until 1978. They sure made some nice looking vehicles based on this van chassis.

041016 Barn Finds - 1973 Ford Transit Mk1 Camper - 2

The seller doesn’t mention what the make of the camper is but it also looks like it’s in fantastic condition. It even has a compartment for, you know… which is very handy in a camper this small. The seller says that the interior “is totally original and everything works as it should.”

041016 Barn Finds - 1973 Ford Transit Mk1 Camper - 4

The driver’s compartment looks clean as a whistle. There are only 82,000 miles on this camper.

041016 Barn Finds - 1973 Ford Transit Mk1 Camper - 5

It’s hard to believe that a V4 engine could pull all of this weight around, but it does. This should be the infamous Essex V4 which was designed to fit in the short nose of the Transit van. This particular engine is the larger 2.0L version with about 93 hp. The engine is “infamous” because it’s a 60-degree V4 which is inherently unbalanced and it uses a balanced-shaft to try to give it some level of smoothness, albeit a small level of smoothness. It was also known for running rough and having head gasket leaks. I’m assuming that this engine runs as well as everything else looks on this great camper. It’s listed on eBay with current bids at £3,800 ($5,370) with less than a day left. Get this camper before it’s gone! Is this something you would use like I would, or do you prefer staying in hotels?


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