Thursday, June 23, 2016

1955 Ford Customline Sedan

041116 Barn Finds - 1955 Ford Customline - 3

This is an original, 63,000 mile car that has been in storage for the last sixteen years. What an incredibly nice survivor! This is a 1955 Ford Customline four-door sedan and it’s in almost perfect condition for never having been restored. There is no rust or bodywork on this car and it is wearing all of its factory-applied paint! It’s in Rossville, Indiana but it’s longing to be a part of your collection so don’t wait on this one.
041116 Barn Finds - 1955 Ford Customline - 1

It’s hard to believe that this car is original, what a nice piece of history this is. If this color doesn’t define 1950s America I don’t know what does. I half-expected the seller to have a drive-in tray resting on the driver’s window and maybe a pair of fuzzy.. er.. wait, ok, those are here. But, I guess a little theatrics is ok when you’re working with such a show-stopper as this car is.
041116 Barn Finds - 1955 Ford Customline - 2

This is the first year of the second-generation Ford Customline and it’s a totally new style than the 1954 car was. I believe that this color is Sea Sprite Green and it’s perfect on this car. and is in almost perfect, preserved condition, somehow, after sixty-one years. The Customline was positioned above the Ford Mainline and below the new Ford Fairlane.
041116 Barn Finds - 1955 Ford Customline - 4

The interior looks as nice as the rest of the car does. This is an automatic so no need to shift for yourself here, just put it in D and go. Ford made 471,992 Customline cars in 1955, wow! Even the trunk looks great in this car. I’m guessing that there are seat covers on the seats since there is no mention of them having been reupholstered. I can’t imagine that this gray velvet/velour is the original color or fabric for the seats?
041116 Barn Finds - 1955 Ford Customline - 5

This is Ford’s Y-Block 272 V8 with around 160 hp and 258 ft-lbs of torque. Not a tire-burner by any stretch of the imagination but enough power to get you to where you’re going in style and comfort. The engine looks like it’s brand new under that new, non-stock radiator hose and new radiator cap. I’m guessing that the engine has been repainted, or at the very least the valve covers have been, but I could be wrong.

This fantastic car is listed on eBay with a price of $5,900! That is well within reason for such an original car as this in such great condition. This would be a nice way for someone to get into the collector car market for not a lot of money. Would you keep this car original and just maintain it as needed, or would you add your own custom touches to this car and personalize it a bit?


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