Sunday, June 19, 2016

1966 Ford LTD: Dusty But Pristine?

left front
One can easily imagine that under that light layer of dust is a beautiful, original car, a real time capsule? There’s very little information revealed about this LTD listed on craigslist in Rossville, Tennessee. The asking price of $2,500 seems very reasonable, even for a 4 door. The engine is said to be “weak” and need a rebuild, but if it’s been sitting for a few years the issue could be one of  many lesser evils cured by much less drastic measures than an engine rebuild, including fresh gas or a carb rebuild.

right front
Could it be very clever photography, or is this old Ford really this nice? Could this really have sat for many years and still look this nice or was it restored and then left to gather dust for a few years?

The interior appears new. The driver’s seat is not even worn or sagging. It’s easy to imagine it looking “showroom new”.

right rear
What do you think you might find if you were to inspect this car? Would it be this nice or are there rusty bubbles under that vinyl top? Could the engine really have serious problems? Was this the grand parents pampered ride, or was this given a cheap respray and re-upholostry? I hope it’s really as nice as it looks and the new owner will enjoy it as it is after resolving any mechanical issues. If this was in my area, I would have to have a look.


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