Wednesday, July 13, 2016

1989 Ford Bronco XLT: Factory 4-Speed

Besides its infamous connection with one of the country’s most captivating chase scenes, the Ford Bronco is also a capable off-roader and a rare vehicle to find in preserved condition (for that very reason!) This 1989 model here on eBay has only 36,000 miles and is also an unusual 4-speed manual model. With plenty of desirable factory options on board, I’m not surprised bidding is already over $10,000 with plenty of time left in the auction.

Though not lavish, these Broncos were comfortable cruisers with power options and thickly-padded bucket seats. Whenever I see one now, I’m reminded of the television show Longmire on Netflix where the lead character drives his Bronco 4×4 almost anywhere and takes every beating he lashes on it. This one is not for beating on, however, but it does beg the question of what you’ll use it for since taking it bushwhacking will certainly hurt its value.

This Bronco is equipped with the factory’s 4.9L six-cylinder, which the seller claims can achieve nearly 20 m.p.g’s when mated with the manual transmission and huge fuel tank capacity. There is tremendous love for this motor, which some claim is the best engine Ford ever built. Read up on it and you’ll see owners professing some absolutely insane mileage claims, approaching 600,000 and beyond. If all of that holds true, a Bronco with this engine and under 40,000 original miles is indeed appealing if you’ve been hunting for one.

The body is also in mint condition, which is just one more feather in this truck’s cap. So many of these in the Northeast have been used as plows, farm vehicles, work trucks and other heavy-duty tasks in all sorts of weather. The bodies are rarely in this good of condition, so between that and the equipment options, I’m sure the seller will achieve his buy-it-now price of $18,500 (if not sail right past it). This one could be fun to watch, especially if you know where one of these trucks is hiding in a farmer’s barn.


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Turk. said...

Where can I find bucket seats for my 1989 f150. I've had my truck 26 yes and the driver seat is trash. The truck itself doesn't Hava mark on it. I just need the bucket seats for it to be all original