Friday, July 29, 2016

1979 Pinto Cruising Wagon

1979 Ford Pinto Cruising Wagon
Since we will be at the Concours d’Lemons on Saturday, we figured we should dig up a good car for the event. This 1979 Ford Pinto Cruising Wagon is not perfect, but it would be a standout at this show. You can buy it now for $4k on eBay. Only problem is that it’s located in Fallbrook, California so you will need to pick it up tomorrow and drive it a little over seven hours to make it for the show. Luckily it does have air conditioning and XM radio…

1979 Ford Pinto Cruising Wagon Side
We have seen plenty of Pintos, but cant say that we have ever seen a Cruising Wagon before. It is not the most attractive automobile, so maybe there is good reason there are not many around. It was meant to resemble a conversion van with its boxy rear end and round side windows.

1979 Ford Pinto Cruising Wagon V6 Engine
There is a 2.8 liter V6 stuffed under the hood that the seller claims was recently rebuilt. The automatic  transmission was also rebuilt so this little van may actually be able to make the trip up to Monterey.

1979 Ford Pinto Cruising Wagon Storage
One benifit of bringing this wagon to the events is that you will have plenty of room to haul all the automobilia items home which you will inevitably purchase.

1979 Ford Pinto Cruising Wagon Seats
The plaid seat pattern and wild paint scheme is good for at least a few laughs. We hope someone picks this up and brings it out to the show. It would be a fun trip and you could always try to sell it in Monterey and fly back home. Let us know if anyone here ends up going for it.


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