Wednesday, July 13, 2016

1950 Ford Shoebox Coop… Sedan

This sedan is obviously not a coupe, but it might be a chicken coop. Does that make sense? Or is it a taxi for poultry? Those are just a couple of possibilities. What else could the chicken wire separating the rear seat area from the front seat be for?

This bargain-priced Ford “shoebox” sedan is rough, but looks fairly straight and complete. It looks like it might be a good candidate for the chop, cut, and fabricate crowd. I’ve seen a number of cool rods made out of these cheap and plentiful base models. But on that particular subject, I see at least two good options intact on this car, which include the visor and the radio. Some observers will note that these two items by themselves are worth 50% of this car’s asking price, which is $700.

Rust is certainly going to be a concern with this one, and that risk is at least doubled for the floors and rockers if this car really was used as a chicken coop, and if this car has a future, an important part of that future will be a close encounter with a power washer, both inside and out.

From this photo, the engine appears to be intact, including the original “oil bath” type air cleaner. The seller doesn’t provide any information about when it last ran, or whether or not it’s stuck, but it appears this car has been unused for many decades.

The bullet-nose on the front echoes a styling cue also used by Studebaker around this same time frame and it really denotes this car as having come from the early 1950's.

In the background of one of the photos there’s a mid-50s Cadillac hearse or ambulance, with some lettering painted on the side. I have previously seen it listed for sale by itself. As with many other sellers with classic cars listed for sale in rural areas, he probably has additional special-interest vehicles around, waiting for the proper new owners. This old Ford can be found in Memphis, Missouri, and is listed here on the Kirksville, Missouri craigslist. So what do you think of this car – parts or project?


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