Wednesday, July 13, 2016

1966 Ford Thunderbird

This T-Bird has been loved by it owner since new, for 50 years and is completely original except for one respray. Even the top is original. It’s on consignment at the California Automobile Museum and the owner is asking the princely sum of $24,950. It is a California rust free car with less than 70,000 miles, well maintained, not perfect, but a nice driver.

The interior looks really nice with just a few flaws if you look closely, like a few stains in the carpet in the back.

front left
If you looks very closely there are some chips in the paint that have been filled in as well as a few scratches. The repaint was done some time ago, but has held up well. There are some nice close up pictures online.

The engine looks tidy and original. There are no signs of rust underneath. There is a little surface rust under the trunk mat but will be easily corrected.

top mech
The convertible top workings are all in order. It’s a bit slow, but the top hasn’t been lowered in years, so perhaps lubrication and topping the hydraulic fluid are in order. It’s an interesting setup, the way the front of the trunk hinges and the trunk lifts from the rear.

This is no show car but it is a nice, original driver. It has been well taken care of over the last 50 years. What do you think someone would be willing to pay for this Thunderbird? To folks who appreciate original cars, love convertibles and T-birds, they might be willing to pay more than you think. How far do you think he will have to drop his price to sell it?


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