Wednesday, July 13, 2016

1967 Ford Falcon Van

Complete with American flag on the front end, this 1967 Ford Falcon van is advertised that “almost everything works.” Thanks to reader Jim S. for this neat find. It’s located in El Cerrito, California and is offered for sale here on eBay. The buy-it-now is a steep $5,950 but the seller is inviting lower offers.

It may not have the 21 windows of the expensive VW vans, but it’s not a six or seven digit price, either! If you count the quarter windows as separate ones, it has 15 windows. Unfortunately, I can also see what looks like rust and what may be poor previous repairs in this shot. The seller doesn’t tell us much about the van, but they do say all the doors lock and all the glass is in perfect condition.

I love the access on this type of van, with the double doors opening. Honestly, I’d rather have this than the sliding door on most minivans now, especially over a long period of time–I don’t like the “gritty” feeling I get from old sliding van doors. I know camper conversions on these vans are relatively common, and I can easily see this becoming one.

Great access back here, too! The seller doesn’t show us the engine or any good interior shots, which means an in-person inspection would have to take place before I’d bid. The back floor does look solid, and I wonder if there’s a story behind the two spare tires? The engine is listed as a 6-cylinder, which would be correct, and if it is original it would either be a 170 or 240 cubic inch inline 6. The seller does tell us that it runs “nice” and shifts well. I am thinking that this could be a neat project at a different price; what do you think?  Let us know in the comment section!


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