Wednesday, July 13, 2016

1967 Ford Econoline

This nice old 1967 Ford Econoline panel van is for sale on in craigslist in Austin, Texas with an asking price of $5,300. As you can see from two of the photos provided, this truck was originally owned by the San Marcos (TX) Telephone Company, which provided telephone service to the city of San Marcos, starting in March, 1899 (with 61 subscribers). The company must have done well, as the building it erected in 1928 is now on the National Register of Historic Places, and that it was able to stay in business and independent at least through 1967 is pretty cool.

Anyway, back to the truck. This seller seems to be a collector of sorts, specializing in Econolines, judging from the other trucks seen in the photos here.

This one is said to be in very good shape, with lots of new parts installed. Among the new parts are the windshield, brakes, a rebuilt master cylinder, oil pump, fuel pump, carburetor, water pump, alternator, clutch, radiator, front shocks and he has new rubber for all the doors and windows.

This truck has a six cylinder engine and a stick shift. I can’t tell whether the engine is original or not. Do any of our readers know?

The body has lots of dents and dings, some surface rust, not too bad really, plus that great old telephone company logo on the doors.

As the seller says succinctly, this truck “tuns, drives, stops.”  Someone redid the seats at some point. They look a lot better than the originals.

Among the work remaining, the seller lists the following:  the rubber for the doors needs to be installed, along with new window felt for the front (which is part of the deal), it needs two universal joints installed (they’re included too). The seller advises that the truck will need a new set of tires.

He is selling this truck in order to buy a different project, leaving unsaid why he is not going to finish this one first. While I think this is a nice old truck and appreciate its general lack of body rust, worn but sanitary interior, and all the mechanical work that has been done to it already, I still think the asking price is a bit on the high side, given the amount of work it still needs to be a driver. The seller seems to be motivated so maybe there is a deal to be made for someone. These are cool trucks that can still be used for work or just for fun, and there are not that many rust free examples around anymore. Any takers here?


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