Friday, July 29, 2016

1938 Ford Cab Over Custom

1934 Ford Cab Over Custom
It’s not a barn find, but this custom creation deserves a mention just because it’s crazy cool! Someone has done a ton of work here. The body is riding on a newer van chassis and there’s a V8 mounted midship. There’s a custom interior and a ton of little surprises to be found throughout. The seller mentions that it’s more of a cruiser than a racer, but the work done does seem high quality. There’s a ton of interest here on eBay where the auction ends tomorrow night!

Custom Interior
Although the majority of us here may prefer original classics, we can all appreciate all the hard work that went into building this. Custom fabrication is an art form and some guys are good at it and some are not. I think it’s safe to say that the guy who put this together is pretty talented.

Mid Mounted V8
There’s a shot of the engine mounted way up in the chassis. The much needed air bag system is also back there. This thing was built more for looks than performance, but it’s not like any cab over truck ever was quick. At least they upgraded the brakes an suspension with discs up front and sway bars on both ends.

Custom Tail
Checkout the rear end treatment! The spiked lug nuts, flamed sidepipe, and pirate sticker are a little over the top for me, but I supposed they go with the theme here. The worn paint did give this truck a “barn findy” look, but the seller mentions that it’s actually faux patina. Oh well, it’s all for fun. I just cant help but wonder if I could build something similar for less. How about you guys?


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