Tuesday, January 3, 2017

1972 Ford Mustang Coupe


Frequently I see cars that are repainted on the outside, but worn out on the inside. This 1972 Ford Mustang coupe is just the opposite (I think) with what looks to be pretty decent original paint and decals on the outside, but a refurbished (note, I did not say restored) interior. The example of Ford’s largest pony car is available in Omaha, Nebraska and can be viewed here in the eBay listing where the opening bid is $6,900 and there is no reserve.

It’s nice to see this shot of original paint on the floors with very little corrosion. The seller does tell us there is some rust; I’ll get to that in a minute. The seller describes the car as a daily driver, which gives me high hopes for its reliability and general mechanical condition. In today’s world, it also means you at least have a shot at working air conditioning (it is present in the pictures, although nothing is said about its condition).

So what’s bad, Jamie?  I’ll tell you…there’s some rust starting to appear in the fender lips, quarter panels, and hood. Bummer! If this is a repaint, the course is pretty obvious; repair and refinish. If, however, this is the original paint, I suspect some of you would try to control it and keep the paint. I struggle with that course of action, but certainly understand and respect folks that do that.

On to the interior. The dash and console look remarkably good for a car with 111,111 miles (yes, I know that’s a bogus figure, but since they went six digits so will I). However, the seats have been upholstered similarly but not the same as the original pattern and material. How much does this matter to you? What surprises me about this is that factory replica upholstery kits are available from several sources like this one for less than $200! Oh well. As to the steering wheel–I’ll be the first one to tell you that I don’t like the standard 1972 Mustang steering wheel; it’s not sporting enough for me. And I’ll give them credit for sourcing a Mustang logo center cap. But I think I’d look a little harder for a wheel.

It’s a clean and original looking 302 2-barrel V8; nothing remarkable her, although it’s nice to see a belt on the air conditioning unit. So what do you think of this Mustang?

Source: barnfinds.com

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