Tuesday, January 3, 2017

1971 Ford Ranchero Country Squire

As the song goes, “…any man who knows where it’s at will drive a Ford Ranchero…” (if you want a good laugh, listen to it, I’ve linked to it before for you long time readers) I don’t know about that, but before this I wasn’t aware that Ford thought three better ideas were better than two! By combining the Country Squire and it’s fake wood trim and the Ranchero car-truck, you had this Ranchero Country Squire! This one is located in Spring City, Pennsylvania and is up for sale here on eBay. The buy it now price is $7,500 and lower offers are welcomed.


I’m pretty sure the beds on these were body color, so you’d want to change that if you wanted it to be original. I think I’d leave it alone and use the heck out of this vehicle, though. It’s got enough wear on it that I’m not worried about parking it occasionally at work, but not too much that I’m embarrassed to be seen in it!

Is that a dent behind the door in the middle of the woodgrain? I couldn’t tell for sure. The basis for this generation of Ranchero is my favorite generation of Torino, so I’m sold on the looks off the bat.

The seller has already replaced the floors, carpet, headliner and multiple other things, including a brand new set of tires. It doesn’t sound like you’ll need to do much if you just want to drive and use this car-truck. You could always choose to improve it as you went.

The seller tells us that this is a 351 Cleveland V8 and that it has been professionally restored. I’d really like to know how you restore an engine rather than rebuild it, but I’m being nitpicky. What do you think? I like it even though it will need some work. After all, if the seller is correct, there were only 2,595 of these rarities produced!

Source: barnfinds.com

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