Tuesday, January 3, 2017

1950 Ford Sport Sedan

In 1950 Ford introduced a new trim level to their lineup. It was meant to compete with Chevy’s new Bel Air and since Ford didn’t have the time to create a whole new car, they just had to update what they already had. So they slapped some new trim on their Custom Deluxe, added a unique two tone paint job, installed a vinyl top and called it the Crestliner Sport Sedan. It was really just a stopgap until the Victoria hit the market in ’51, so production was limited to just 1950. Seeing as it was purely cosmetic, it isn’t too hard to install the trim on a 2 door Custom Sedan, which is exactly what we have here. The seller’s father is a long time Ford collector and while restoring this Custom, decided to make it a Crestliner, so it was given a correct two tone paint job and all the correct trim was installed. It might not be a factory Crestliner, but no one would ever know seeing it on the street. You can find this clean Ford here on eBay in Thousand Oaks, California with a BIN of $9,700.

The Shoebox Fords, as these have come to be known, easily make it onto the list of America’s most iconic cars. The design is easily recognized by purists and hot rodders alike. Given the unique looks of the Crestliner, I’m actually surprised there aren’t more clones floating around. I imagine finding all the correct trim is difficult and expensive though, so that could explain it. Does anyone know if they are reproducing this trim or would you have to find a donor car to make a proper clone like this?

I know this car isn’t a survivor or even a real Crestliner, but it looks to be in amazing shape and these are just really cool cars. The 1950s were an interesting time in automotive history and while the Shoebox Fords are extremely well know, you don’t often hear about the Crestliner Sport Sedan! I’m not sure what makes these cars more sporty than their siblings, but the flathead V8 and 3 speed was quite sporty for the time. 1950-ford-custom-deluxe

What a great looking design and lovely car! I wouldn’t mind hitting the road in this one. I’ll admit though, I’d be happy to just own a base model ’50 with the flathead and the 3 speed. The two tone paint is cool and the trim really gives it a unique look, but the base car is good looking no matter what trim you slap on it. So how do you feel about this Crestliner clone? The asking price seems about right for a Custom Deluxe sedan, so would you leave it as is or would you rather have it in its original trim?

Source: barnfinds.com

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