Thursday, November 17, 2016

1973 Ford Pinto Wagon

It’s usually exciting to find a one owner original survivor car for $1500, like this one here on craigslist, but it is a Pinto. Who can blame someone for walking away from it in 1985. It looks complete and original on the outside. It’s here in Sacramento, so it might not be too rusty. It even has the hubcaps. There’s no word on if it runs and no pictures of the interior.

There’s rust showing on the tailgate for some reason. Perhaps something was mounted there, like a bike rack, that wore away the paint. The bumper has an interesting bend.

The engine looks complete and not too messy. That is a 2 litre 4 cylinder with 86 horsepower mated to a 3 speed manual transmission. Some claim these are 14 second cars, 14 seconds to 60 mph anyway.

The right hand side looks like it’s made close friends with at least one stationary object. If this runs, could it be a fun little driver? What do you think it might be worth?


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