Thursday, November 17, 2016

1967 Ford Mustang

Wow – I haven’t seen too many Mustangs of this generation in yellow, and I like it. Of course, what I like even more is the story that this ’67 Mustang with only 27,000 original miles has been in the same family since new, passed to different generations of ownership. It almost makes me sad to see the current caretaker put this gorgeous example here on craigslist, where the asking price of $20,000 drives an interesting discussion: would you rather this car or the survivor-grade Caprice from yesterday? 
But wait: that’s not an original Mustang color, is it? Nope, as the description will tell you the seller’s uncle painted over the original white paint to match another car in his collection. That’s a shame, and I immediately know my answer to the above question: I’d take the Caprice! Low mileage or not, originality is a big factor for me with car purchases. As it turns out, the carpet was also replaced.

So now that we have that out of the way, how do you feel about this Mustang? If the mileage claim holds up, then it’s still an interesting find – but it definitely needs to be repainted for its limited use to be relevant, in my opinion. The no accident claims are a plus and rust is limited to an apparently minuscule spot at the bottom of the door. The chrome still looks sharp and the recently-added whitewall tires are period-correct.

The seller says he is letting go of this family heirloom to invest in his business, which isn’t the craziest reason to sell a car like this. My question remains fixated on what happens next: repaint and restore or keep it as it currently is? Some might say the repaint adds to its history, but without seeing pictures of the interior, I think this low-mileage example needs to be brought back to as close to OEM-correct as possible. What about you?


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