Thursday, November 17, 2016

1949 Ford Coupe

Though plentiful and popular, we couldn’t withhold this cheap ’49 Ford coupe. Appearing to have undergone a partial restoration, this Ford is nice and comes with a great deal of good condition and new parts. Priced at $2,900 we are just fine with “some assembly required.” Find it here on craigslist out of Pueblo, New Mexico.

Packing its original drivetrain, the engine bay certainly needs some work. The overspray is a bit disappointing, although it could be rectified. There is no real mention of the engines condition, and if it runs, but we would think that the engine has some life considering how much work has been put into paint, and interior. But we cannot assume anything.

The interior looks to be primarily new, although the steering wheel could use some help. The seller has done a lot of interior work on this Ford, and has spares for the interior. The exterior wears a pleasant shade of green. There looks to be a scratch in the passenger front fender, and we question the paint quality due to the view of the engine bay and over spray. Although the body looks superb and very straight along with the chrome work. The seller claims this Ford to be rust free, and after examining this Ford, we can believe it.

With a solid start, a lot of potential, and a cheap price this ’49 Ford Coupe is hard to pass up.  Would you take on this ’49 Ford Coupe? What would you do with this cult classic?


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