Thursday, November 17, 2016

1951 Ford Custom Roadster

51 ford custom 1
Always looked back upon as a grand era in time, the 1950’s brought about a great and interesting movement in automobiles. We wanted to go faster, and we wanted to build something unique and cool. This 1951 Ford custom roadster is most certainly a one of a kind. Primarily based off of an English Ford, with some Studebaker parts, and other various parts thrown in the mix, this is certainly an interesting and eye catching machine. Currently up for bid and at no reserve, we ponder what this custom Ford may sell for. Find it here on eBay out of Upland, California.

51 ford custom 3
The heart of this English Ford is an 1172cc 4 cylinder side valve engine backed by a 3 speed transmission. Appearing mostly stock in the engine bay with a fine layer of dirt, this little engine does indeed run and drive. The air cleaner appears to be missing in action, and it would appear there is a small gallon fuel canister tucked in the bay currently fueling the car. The seller has mentioned the original fuel tank, and water pump need repair. Both items not being too big of a hassle to deal with. We are excited to see that this one still runs and is in such original shape from the great visionary’s mind who built this interesting ford.

51 ford custom 5
The styling on this custom roadster is certainly interesting. The fins are listed as being Studebaker, and the trunk section of the car is actually a Studebaker hood. The body line from the front fenders slopping back is reminiscent of a Triumph Tr3. Knock off style hub caps and the light shade of green draw in the entire package of this car, flaunting its interesting lines and style.

51 ford custom 4
The interior is simple, yet glorious. The Bucket seats are listed as custom made fiberglass units, and it would appear this Ford recently got some fresh flooring. The steering wheel is a little dry and dated as well the rest of the interior. But there is enough to leave the interior as is, or to freshen it up.

51 ford custom 2
This is really a very cool car to have survived as well as it has. But what should be its fate? Should it be restored? Should it be preserved and enjoyed? From what we can see, we think it would be a fantastic preservation car, as it wear much of its green paint, and shows so much interesting history, and creativity. It’s fascinating to study the lines on this one, and see what the builder did here and there to create this Ford custom. So what would you do with this Custom Ford? Restore it, or preserve it?


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