Monday, December 10, 2012

Police Presence

1919 Converted Model T police transport truck

A look back at Ford vehicles that have worked the highway patrol

For over a century, the men and women in blue have been stationed behind the wheel of Ford vehicles. Nearly every showroom model—from long-bodied Country Sedans and Galaxie Mainliners to the rugged Explorer and high-speed Mustang of today—has at one time served as a member of police forces at home or abroad, and according to company archives, 58% of police vehicles patrolling the U.S. and Canada were carrying the Blue Oval by 1961. None is more memorable than the Crown Victoria, which accounted for 75% of police sales in 1998. Here are a few highlights from this distinguished record of service.


Early Ford retail models are first modified for police use.


Converted Model T police transport truck


First official Ford police package is unveiled


A total of 26 Ford vehicles can be refit for police use.


The Crown Victoria becomes its own consumer model.


Police Interceptor concept makes its debut on the auto show circuit


Next-generation Sedan and Utility Police Interceptor


Release of the F-150 XL Special Service Vehicle

Source: Ford

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