Monday, December 10, 2012

2013 Ford Flex Featured in Video Series Defining Suburban Driving

What do the terms Flex Factor, Trunk Tetris and Bizzaro Husband have in common? They are all part of the newly penned Suburban Dictionary, featuring the 2013 Ford Flex.

The Suburban Dictionary, authored by bestselling author Christian Lander (Stuff White People Like), is the definitive source for terms that describe the moments and things that only seem to become part of your life after you hit the other side of 30 and ditch the city for suburban life.

Lander, working with Ford, has also produced a series of videos to show you the daily troubles of the average suburban driver. For more information about how the features in a Ford Flex can help you survive life in the suburbs, click here.

“At the heart of the project is gentle poking fun of a generation that never expected to get older,” said Lander. “But while we all lament our bodies not bouncing back from a night out or a carb-laden dinner, we're also finding out that the aging process isn't all bad. When I was twenty two, I used to lay on my futon thinking that nothing would be worse than having to live in the suburbs. Now that I'm thirty three, I can't think of anything worse than having to sleep on a futon.”

In the Suburban Dictionary video series, Lander utilizes the vehicle to battle through the daily tasks of the average suburbanite: going out to dinner on a weekend, packing your car to the brim and more. The one thing that he has up on the competition, however, is the Flex.

The 2013 Ford Flex represents the perfect suburban family vehicle in the video series. It is a seven-passenger kid-hauling machine. It has the style and attitude that parents and drivers who need a large utility but want to make a statement desire. Stacked with available features like active-park assist, MyFord Touch®, navigation and an in-car refrigerator, the Flex fills the needs of every member of the household.

The Suburban Dictionary lives on the Ford Flex Facebook page and is fed by humorous definitions created by both Lander and the Ford Facebook community.

Source: Ford

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