Monday, February 9, 2009

Thread of the Day: What Car Did You Want to Drive When You Were 16?

Posted January 20 2009 06:15 PM by Rory Jurnecka
Category: Miscellaneous, Ford, Ford Mustang, Coupes, Sports

For most gearheads, the love of automobiles came at an early, impressionable age. Throughout our youth we admired the cars that surrounded our neighborhoods along with the ones that seemed to only be found in the fantasy pages of Motor Trend, copies of which we'd hide behind our textbooks in class. Finally, we all reached an age where we were old enough to take the wheel for ourselves, and that dream car seemed more of a possibility than ever. Today's Thread of the Day takes us back to that innocent age when we first got our license to drive, 16-years old.

MT Forums user Harvey asks: What car came out when you were 16 that you wanted to drive? For our TOTD author, it would have been the 2003 Ford Mustang Mach 1 after seeing a schoolmate's parent driving one. "The sound of the 300-hp dual-cam V-8 and the view was excellent. I have a huge soft spot for it."

So do a little time traveling in your mind and let us know what car you wanted to drive most when you were 16-years old.

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