Sunday, March 6, 2016

1978 Ford Fiesta

The seller of this 1978 Ford Fiesta here on eBay claims that the car was in an accident when it was quite young, and as a result, only has 1,200 miles on the clock. Included in the sale are the parts to complete the repairs, which this car surely deserves if it’s otherwise an unused example without any major frame damage. 

Personally, I’d have thought the wires and air cleaner would appear a bit fresher-looking for a car that has traveled so few miles. Of course, it could have been stored outside for some of that time, as there’s a little more surface rust than I’d expect for a protected, low-mileage specimen. The engine bay paint does still shine up nicely, and seems consistent with the exterior of the car.

As you’d expect, the interior appears untouched and completely as the factory intended. The seats, though flat, look like they retain good coverings and padding. The other detail I like to pay attention to is how shiny the paint remains in the door jambs – a possible indication of limited use. The Fiesta is undoubtedly an economy car, with no luxuries or electronic controls anywhere. But that’s part of the joy of owning a simple car, in my opinion.

The factory decal package is appropriate for the era in which the car was made, and I’d want to keep it exactly the same. Though the seller will include a NOS fender and core support, getting the paint to match the original will be a challenge. There’s limited activity on this auction at the moment, which surprises me given the notoriety of buying an essentially brand-new Fiesta. Do you think bidders will begin to notice before the auction runs out?


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