Sunday, March 6, 2016

1955 Ford T-Bird

1955 Ford Thunderbird
It’s amazing how many GIs stationed overseas brought back European sports cars, but what is even more interesting is how many big American cars made the trip over the pond. Most made their way back to the States, but a few became permanent residents. This Thunderbird was one of these cars to have made the trip over to be used by a serviceman and then never made its way back. I’m sure when it was still on the road, it was an impressive and dominating machine on British carriageways! It had to dwarf just about every other two seater on the roads there! It is in pretty rough shape, but I’m sure one of our European readers would love to tackle it! You can find it here on eBay in Knutsford, United Kingdom with a current bid of £1,550.00. Special thanks to George G for this tip!

1955 Ford Thunderbird Engine
I’ve seen a lot of rusted out T-birds over the years, but this could be one of the worst I’ve seen. Clearly, these cars were not built to survive in high humidity environments, well at least this one wasn’t! The seller actually has a partially restored Thunderbird that they might be willing to let go of as well and it looks to be much more solid. They would be interested in trading both cars for a Chevy trucks, so if you have a Chevy truck, it might be a worthwhile exchange!

1955 Ford Thunderbird Interior
I’ve always liked the looks of the early Thunderbirds and while they don’t have the collector appeal of similar vintage Corvettes, I wouldn’t mind having one of these beautiful cars. Clearly, I wouldn’t go for this one purely from a transportation standpoint, but I wouldn’t mind seeing this car returned to our shores. With so many of our best classics being exported, it would be great to see one return home! Wherever it ends up, I just hope it finds a good home! So are any of our UK readers interested in giving this T-bird a good home?


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