Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Where It All Started: The Mustang 1 Concept - Ford Mustang Countdown

It¹s the early 1960's and America is changing; new music, new movies and new young drivers looking for a different kind of ride. Ford realizes it must change with the times. Two years before the launch of the car that would become a worldwide sensation, the first concept car bearing the Mustang name emerges from the Ford design studios.

The entire Mustang project was code-named "Allegro" since many of the engineers and designers working on the concept are musicians. In order to keep the true nature of the project under wraps, they use musical terms as a code. While the diminutive, two-seat sports car doesn¹t make it to production in concept form, a number of design cues do along with the Mustang name.

We're collecting and sharing some of those stories each week on Mustang Countdown as we explore how this pony earned such a special place in the hearts of fans from not only New York to California, but Shanghai to London and Iceland to Argentina.

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