Sunday, August 18, 2013

Newlywed's 1937 Ford scaled “Mount Honeymoon”

Newlyweds got to their cabin on a hill in the San Bernardino Mountains by gunning their 1937 Model T Ford.

RING-A-DING. Betty Tierney had this picture taken to show off her wedding ring, but her 1937 Ford showed up better.
I’ll never forget my 60-horsepower 1937 Ford. It was long on looks and short on power.
After my sailor sweetheart and I were married in a beautiful home cer­emony, we bundled into the car and headed for our honeymoon cabin in the San Bernardino Mountains with a “Just Married” sign on the back and tin cans tied to the bumper. Following a rough 100-mile trip, we arrived at the approximate location of our cabin, only to find that no one in the vicinity knew its whereabouts. We gave up and pulled off to the side of the road, spending our honeymoon night in the car.
At about 5 a.m., we were awakened by a troop of Boy Scouts, who pounded on the car as they walked by during an early-morning hike. Waking up, we looked out the window and discovered our cabin directly across the road at the top of a steep incline! It was so steep, in fact, that my frustrated husband couldn’t coax our Ford up that hill—even though he gunned the engine again and again. He’d heard that Model Ts could sometimes be backed up steep hills, but that trick didn’t work either.
By this time, people in the other cabins had been awakened by the roar of the motor and were out on their porches watching. In desperation, we drove back up the road, turned the car around, came racing down and swerved into the driveway. The car just barely inched its way over the crest of the incline and coasted into the parking space of our cabin as the other guests applauded wildly!
—Betty Tierney
Santa Cruz, California

Source: Reminise


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