Friday, March 1, 2013

2002 Ford Mighty F-350 Tonka

Ford’s mighty F-350 Tonka concept hints of what’s to come for the next-generation Ford F-Series pickup. Wrapped in vibrant yellow paint and lots of chrome, the Tonka showcases a 6.0-liter 32-valve turbocharged Power Stroke concept V-8 diesel engine—rated at 350 horsepower and up to 600 lb-ft of torque—teamed with a five-speed PowerTorq transmission. This is Ford’s first application of a five-speed automatic with a diesel engine. Inside, the Tonka is equipped with modular, customizable snap-on gauges and oversize, aircraft-inspired toggle switches. For complete comfort, the driver sits on an adjustable Commander’s Seat with full-floating suspension inspired by the heavy-duty, long-distance Class 8 rigs.

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