Friday, March 1, 2013

1990 Ford Zag (Ghia)

Futuristic yet practical and versatile, the Ghia Zag was a sports multi-purpose concept similar to a small van. It offered convertible functionality between passenger capacity and loading space, and featured a folding roof rack.

As the Ghia Zig zigged with aerodynamic efficiency, so zagged the Ghia Zag. Both vehicles featured seven-element fibre optic headlamps. At the rear, Zag’s design featured a nine-element fibre optic array of tail, brake and warning lights, and, unlike Zig, the Zag featured small, slippery wing mirrors finished in body colour white.

The interior of the Ghia Zag included tube-frame seats in aqua nylon, with the trim in a bold but complementary bright purple. The interior also featured an array of hold-downs, clips and straps to secure a wide variety of sporty goods.

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