Friday, March 1, 2013

1990 Ford F-150 Street

Ford F-150 Concept Pick Up, 1990

Ford fields two concept trucks — the Surf, a no-roof, no-tailgate version of its new Explorer 4x4, and the Street, an exercise that goes head-to-head with California customs in creating a mean and nasty street image.

Based on a full-size F-150 model, the Street gets its don't-mess-with-me Hulk Hogan stance from a low profile and big 16-in. wheels. Roof height is chopped 3 1/2 in. The truck is lowered 4 in. in front and 3 in. at the rear. Then the suspension was set up to create a nose-down, "bad" attitude.

The California influence is also evident in the shaved door handles, frenched antenna and quad exhaust molded into the rocker panels. Ford doesn't have anything special under the hood to back up the menacing look, but that may soon change.

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