Monday, July 4, 2011

Spy Photos: 2013 Ford Shelby GT500...EcoBoost? KR?

Let's take stock of what we have from these spy photos of a Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 prototype: Full cage, canards (GT500s do lift at speed), lower ride height, additional / revamped intercooler, larger rear brakes (current GT500 has 11.8-inch rotors), Nurburgring badge.

And now let's go for a quick walk down a more speculative road: The intercooler looks and is placed a lot like an Air:air intercooler (black car, closeup on the next page) would be, though one person thinks that the void area between the fins is too small for that. An Air:air intercooler would make sense if we were looking at a turbocharged V8 (branded EcoBoost despite absolutely no eco benefit) which would make sense as that's the direction Ford is going and affixing EcoBoost badges to a halo car works in a Reaganesque trickle-down theory of coolness.

And as high as the percentage is that the cage and racing seats present in both cars are for testing safety purposes, the Boss 302 has been incredibly popular for Ford despite it being slower than the GT500. (At least in our test it was.) There has to be some demand for a track-focused, ready-to-race Shelby with 500+ horsepower and a cage. The last KR was a disappointment, could this be the car we wanted it to be?

Did we miss anything here? What else could we be looking at? Oh, and where's that new Mach 1 we were expecting from Ford?

Source: Insideline

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