Monday, July 4, 2011

Spy Photos: 2013 Ford Flex Facelift

When the Ford Flex first went on sale in 2009, it was a refreshing, pleasantly boxy alternative to the current crop of similarly shaped minivans. Unfortunately, like so many things that are refreshing and different, the Flex quickly faded into the background after an initial spike. Too bad, too, because it's good.

Well, Ford's doing something about that for 2013 when the Ford Flex is expected to undergo its first major upgrade. We can see from these spy shots that the 2013 Ford Flex is going to get in line and pick up the Explorer-like mesh-and-bars face treatment along with projector-beam foglights and wrap-around headlights, again, like the Explorer.

Interior and engine upgrades are still unclear.

Source: Edmonds/Insideline

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