Saturday, January 2, 2016

1959 Ford Thunderbird

t5This 1959 Thunderbird is described as “ready to drive” by it’s owner/seller. It’s located in Brentwood, New York and is up for sale here on eBay, where bidding is just over $4,000 with no reserve.

t7The Thunderbird was marketed as a “personal car” when it was new; this one definitely fits that description! If you look closely at these first two pictures, you’ll find a few “personalized touches” that may not be to everyone’s taste, although they don’t bother me. You can see both some white and teal pinstriping that looks to be the real thing and late model Thunderbird wire wheel covers. However, the car really looks nice in the two-tone teal and white. I suspect the 23,789 miles are the second trip around, but you never know.

t4I don’t think I’ve ever seen pinstriping on a door edge before. But look at the great interior! And if I’m not mistaken, that rubber weatherstripping looks to be either new or in really nice shape.

t6Although I admire the safety attitude of someone that would fit brand new seat belts, I think I would look for some more period looking fitments in teal like this set. And yes, the console is supposed to be teal as well, but I’m guessing the owner substituted a better condition black one for the original teal. I do see some nice clean detailing and good rubber here as well.

t2Unfortunately, the seller didn’t include any under hood or under car pictures. I hope they look as nice as the exterior and interior do. The seller does mention that the brakes, exhaust, spark plugs and wires are brand new, and it does mention air conditioning in the listing, although nothing else is clear. Perhaps a pre-purchase inspection is in order? This looks like a pretty good car, but I’d want to know more before bidding. How about you? If it’s as nice underneath as on the outside, would you be interested?


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