Saturday, January 2, 2016

1949 Ford F5 Stake Truck

Ford F5 frontI don’t think I will ever get tired of all the great old farm trucks that seem to be coming out of barns all over America. From pick ups to flatbeds to dump trucks and more, these are great pieces of American iron that were almost always well cared for by small farm farmers who needed to preserve their investments in the machinery their work relied on. They often have low miles on them, having spent much of their time just going back and forth to town or from farm to grain mills or other day to day journeys. Even in areas where vehicles usually rust away from road salt and snow, farm trucks seem to have survived pretty well.

So here we have a very solid 1949 Ford F-5 for sale here on craigslist in Mayville, western New York state (very far west, Mayville is northwest of Jamestown.) Not many pictures in this ad, unfortunately, but what’s presented shows a solid truck in very decent condition. I really like the large grille guard on the front, and the condition of the stakes on the bed make me think this truck has been used in the recent past, despite it being claimed as a barn find. Maybe not necessarily long term storage in that barn in this case.

Ford F5 interiorVery clean dashboard. How is the seat though? F-5’s are 1 and 1/2 ton trucks that in 1949 were offered in standard and cab over configurations. You could get either the 226 ci or the 239 ci flathead V-8 (a six cylinder engine was not available, at least according to the sources I have found) and either a 3 speed or one of two different 4 speed transmissions were available drivetrain choices.
Mileage on this particular F-5 is claimed at a low 33,000 miles (less than 500 miles per year of its long life!), it’s V-8 powered too, with the ever popular flathead aboard.

Ford F5 underThe seller says that all the trim is present, the glass is good (not cloudy as so often is the case with old trucks) except for a broken wing window. Not much rust is visible. This last picture, a bit muddy, does show a pretty clean view of under one wheel well.

Ford f5 under fenderSeller says this is a dump body, and also a stake truck, no picture of any dump mechanism or description of it, so that part is a bit unclear. Does it run? How are the brakes, electrics, clutch, etc.? No clues in this very sparse ad. Which engine and transmission it has are also not mentioned, and will have to be learned about by calling the owner.

wmdscn0357Here’s a similar F-5 in more or less restored form. The asking price does seem quite a bit too high at $6,000, even with its very low miles and clean, original appearing condition. Unlike pick up trucks, you can’t use an F-5 for everyday cruising, so the market for these bigger trucks is much more limited, and the cost to refresh or restore the bigger trucks is much greater too. These trucks have plenty of fans, and this is a nice looking truck, so I hope someone out there will be getting it back on the road sooner than later.


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