Tuesday, February 26, 2013

1967 Ford Mach 2 Concept

The Mach 2 Concept

The Mach 2 Concept tours the auto show circuit. The mid-engine, road-ready prototype built by Kar Kraft in Brighton, Michigan displayed a street competition racing theme. The car was a highly modified two seater on a shortened version of the existing Mustang chassis.

Strongly influenced by GT styling, the Ford Mach 2 concept car featured a midship 289 cubic inch V-8, raised carburetor intake ports on the rear deck, engine exhausts through the chopped-off rear grille, doors that opened into the roof, a rear canted radiator exhaust grille depressed in the hood surface, and cargo space for two suitcases behind the air exhaust. It was designed with a semi-monocoque steel and fiberglass body, and weighed only 2650 pounds in street form. There was ducted ventilation to the heater and air conditioner, fixed and flush mounted side windows. The rear suspension was trailing link in combination with two lateral control arms.

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