Tuesday, February 26, 2013

1966 Ford Magic Cruiser

Barris Kustom City is credited for building the 1966 Galaxie 500 Magic-Cruiser and second version based on a 1967 Galaxie XL. The Magic Cruiser II seems to use the roof from the original. Based on the photos of the 1967 version I see that the bumper is cut to fold down under the tailgate for easier entrance, so I included those reference photos here. The location of these cars is unknown to me.

The 1966 Magic Cruiser could be transformed from a fastback to a station wagon and back via hydraulic and electric controls. One of the specifications given to George Barris who was hired by Ford to build the car was that the movable roof section rise within seven seconds. A series of aircraft hydraulic systems, screw jacks, and a switch on the dash made that possible. Lowering the tailgate allowed for easy entry to a rear-facing third seat, and like on Ford’s production station wagons, the second and third seats could be folded down for addition cargo storage.

In front, the two-door hardtop LTD-based Magic Cruiser had one-piece tempered glass headlights, shaved door handles, and a set of Western wire mag wheels. It was painted a custom-mixed “Gold Sunset” and the interior was two-toned with pleated vinyl and lamb’s wool carpeting. Under the hood was the new 428.

This show car was probably re-skinned to become the Magic Cruiser II the following year.

One of the ways FoMoCo promoted its new 1967 full-sized cars was with a couple of show cars christened Magic Cruiser II and XL Interceptor. The Magic Cruiser II built by George Barris was, as Ford described it, a “super fastback” that could be turned into a station wagon when the fastback section of the roof and two special window-side panels were electrically raised. It was possibly built from the original Magic Cruiser shown during 1966.

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