Sunday, December 18, 2016

1962 Ford Falcon

1962-ford-falcon-wagonNow this is one good looking station wagon! There is just something fantastic about a 2 door wagon, just think about the Nomad. It might not be as practical for hauling people as a 4 door, but they just look so cool. The seller of this Falcon Wagon thinks it might be all original or at the very least, highly original. It looks like it could be, clearly someone liked it and took good care of it. The engine is running, but the seller is listing it as none running since it needs work to be driven. You can find this bird here on eBay in Dade City, Florida with a current bid of $5,500.

1962-ford-falconWhile it looks to be in great shape overall, there are a few issues. The paint flaking off of the driver’s side fender could be the result of a rust, a poor quality respray or any number of factors. A closer inspection should give a better idea of the cause and whether this really is the original paint. The rest of the paint looks dry, so an application of wax would probably be a good idea.

1962-ford-falcon-enginePower comes from an inline 6, it looks to be the 95 horse 144 CID engine. It might not have a ton of horsepower, but these engines produce decent torque and are bullet proof. Since it’s running, I’d tune it up, but leave it alone. There are some options for upgrades though, if that’s something the next owner decides to do. You can get decent power out of these engines or you could drove a 260/289 in it and have a mean little wagon. The last option will require the most work to be done properly, but it would yield the greatest results.

1962-ford-falcon-interiorThe interior is in great shape, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s been restored already. With 62k miles of use, the white and red seat covers should be showing some wear and discoloration by now. I guess it’s possible that they just have been well cared for, but it seems unlikely that they would have survived this well. What do you think?

1962-ford-falcon-2-door-wagonI really like this Falcon, if it were closer I’d be all over it. It would be the perfect road trip vehicle for me and my wife! Just imagine traveling across the US in this classic, it would be the journey of a life time. Of course, it would need some work before setting out, but it doesn’t seem to need anything major. So do you think this would make for the perfect road trip wagon or am I just dreaming?


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