Sunday, October 2, 2016

1939 Ford COE Truck

Who doesn’t want a rare good looking truck that could be your tow vehicle or who knows what? This 1939 Ford COE truck is a rare but very cool sight. The Oval grill was a strong feature in ’39, and these Ford COE trucks with the oval grill are unusual, but so cool. This ’39 Ford is priced at $9,500, but is a unique opportunity for an original and cool truck doesn’t pop up very often. Find it here on craigslist out of Boston, Massachusetts.

The Cab itself looks to be in solid condition, with no apparent rust. The window glass looks to have seen better days, but it is flat glass, so glass wouldn’t be that big of an issue. The front fenders are the roughest looking part about this truck, as the outer edges are beat up from one to many new truck drivers. Listed as being a short wheelbase truck, this looks like a great opportunity for a modern day conversion, such as a car/toy hauler, or maybe a camper? Who knows, there are plenty of creative things that could be done with this Ford. Powered by a flathead V8, the drive train and much of this trucks unique features are complete and with the truck.

This Ford seems like a solid enough project that with some patience and elbow grease you could likely revive this truck to a driver easily. Then from that point, perhaps a restoration, or a conversion of someone’s choice could be performed? What would you do with this unique ’39 Ford?


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