Sunday, August 21, 2016

10 Best Mustangs Ever Built – Okay Let The Arguing Begin…

#10.  1993 SVT Cobra
The 1993 SVT Cobra wasn’t just a sweet, tuned Mustang – it was Ford SVT’s inaugural vehicle.  If it hadn’t been for this car’s success, we might have missed out on quite a few more fast Fords, from the 2003 SVT Cobra to the F-150 Raptor SVT.
#9.  1987 Fox
The “Fox” Mustang, known as such because it was built on Ford’s “Fox” platform.  The Fox followed the original Mustang’s philosophy of cheap and fun to the proverbial “t.”  You can’t help but love the “5,0” badges on the sides, too.  Makes me think of Vanilla Ice’s song, Ice Ice Baby… “rollin’ in my 5.0, with my rag top down so my hair can blow…”  You know you know it too.
#8.  2011 Shelby GT 350
The GT 500 may have returned a few years ago, but the most iconic Shelby of all time is still the original GT 350, and we all secretly wanted a resurrection of that name.  The 2011 GT 350 is the fastest production Shelby Mustang in history too, sporting carefully refined everything and putting out as many as 624 horses.  As a bonus, it comes in white with guardsman blue stripes,because you wouldn’t want it in any other color.
#7.  2007 Saleen/Parnelli Jones Edition
Not only was the Saleen/Parnelli Jones a great Mustang that hearkened back to the race-winning 1970 Boss 302, a great performer, and a nice handler, it had some great custom finishes.  There were so many high-quality custom parts on this particular Mustang that it felt like something special, even when it was parked.
#6.  1970 Boss 302
The 1970 Boss 302 is one sick-looking muscle car, Ford certainly hit the nail on the head when it came to style with this one.  But the Boss 302 isn’t just about looking good because this car was built to do just one thing:  destroy the Chevy Camaro Z28 on the SCCA Trans Am series, and it did just that.
#5.  1970 Boss 429
Mustang plus race-ready V8 and suspension equals win.  The Boss 429 set the pace for the high-performance models to follow, and we are surely thankful.  Along with all that performance, the Boss 429 has the visual appeal that you’ve come to expect from a Mustang.
#4.  2003 SVT Cobra
It’s called “The Terminator.”  That’s because it set a new benchmark.  This Mustang was not only capable of shooting down its competition in a straight line, but the well-sorted suspension (complete with the now-missing independent rear-suspension) allowed it to be a fierce competitor on the track as well.
#3.  1965 Shelby GT 350
Almost immediately after the introduction of the Mustang, Carroll Shelby started tinkering with it.  Since then, magical things have happened whenever his hand has been involved.  This was a race car with turn signals, and it kicked many an ass in production car races.
#2.  2012 Boss 302
The 2012 Boss 302 is a new breed of Mustang in many ways.  Like the Boss 302 before it, it is a powerful machine.  But this one is so much more.  The 2012 Boss 302 is refined, smooth, precise, balanced, poised, and solid.  If we took heritage and nostalgia out of the equation, this ‘stang would be number one.
#1.  1964.5 Mustang Mk. l
Without this one, there wouldn’t be any of these other ‘stangs.  The first Mustang was released five months before the start of the 1965 production year, leaving it in an unusual middle ground between ’64 and ’65.  As such, this car is known as the 1964.5 Mustang.  The 1964.5 Mustang started the cheap, powerful, and cheerful party in the US.  If only a new Mustang still cost just $2,300.

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