Tuesday, April 5, 2016

1973 Ford Mustang Coupe

73 Mustang Front 3

We’ve seen quite a few rust bucket Mustangs on Barn Finds lately. While the 1973 iteration of the iconic pony car is way less popular and desirable for many, this version for sale here on craigslist in Los Angeles, California might be a desirable target simply for its overall cleanliness and semi-original condition.

73 Mustang rear 3

The seller provides a lengthy and detailed description of the car. It’s equipped with the 135 hp 302 V8 and C4 automatic transmission, so it’s no barn burner, but it is claimed to be a “barn find survivor.” According to the seller, it’s got original paint (Bright Green Gold – is that the factory name for this color?) and a new original style interior.

73 Mustang front

The seller says the emission sticker is still on the side window and he found the original build sheet of the car (not pictured though.)

73 Mustang trunk detail

The original California Blue Plate is included in the sale and the Mustang has a clear title. The 
mileage claimed is 59,489, which certainly could be real.

73 Mustang interiorimage: http://barnfinds.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/73-Mustang-interior-e1453932476281.jpg

In addition, the seller has done quite a bit of work on the car to get it ready for its new owner. Perhaps this is a flipper making a buck on the car, but the asking price at $7,750 is right on the average value for this car, at least according to Hagerty, and for what appears to be a rust-free California original car, maybe not a bad price.

73 Mustang trunk view

Here’s the list of work done by the seller (with a few comments): interior (headliner, carpet, seat covers, dash cover), new rear window gasket, new steering wheel (can a Mustang expert say if it is original style?), new turn signal and horn contact wiring harness, all electric reworked, all lights work, new heater core and blower motor, new water pump and thermostat, new coolant hoses and radiator flushing, rebuilt C4 Transmission with clutches and bushings and all seals (master kit), new torque converter, new rear shocks, new trunk paint after cleanup (wish we could see what was there originally), tune up and all new fluids

73 Mustang under front

Also, new front cross member and alignment (why would it need a new cross member? That is a concern, isn’t it?)

73 Mustang engieimage: http://barnfinds.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/73-Mustang-engie-e1453932543547.jpg

By 1973, Mustangs had gotten bigger and longer, and with the early emissions plumbing that choked their performance, at least for me, they are a lot less desirable than the earlier model years. But this looks like a fun cruiser you could happily drive daily in good weather at a fairly reasonable price.

73 Mustang front sid
I am guessing it will sell fairly quickly. What do you think of this Mustang?

Source: barnfinds.com

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