Wednesday, December 2, 2015

1931 Ford Model A Tudor

The Tudor was one of the hottest of all Model A body styles. Ford build more than 1.25 million of them over the A’s four-year production run, so they’re pretty easy to find these days.
For ’31 Ford also offered a Deluxe Tudor which added a host of niceties. At a glance, you could tell a Standard from the Deluxe by its cowl-mounted lights. The lights of course can be added on, but the Deluxes also had the later firewall with the tear-drop shaped indentation around the external fuel shutoff. These cars are a little more scarce, but Ford still built more than 20,000 Deluxe Tudors.
This 1931 Model A for sale on is a Standard Tudor as evidenced by the lack of those cowl lights, the presence of its flat firewall and it’s missing the Deluxe’s rear-seat passenger armrests, an overhead interior light as well as carpets.
There are some questions to be asked about this car, however, such as why it appears to have a 1930 grille shell and if the reason it hasn’t been started in a few years has anything to do with that wiring at the base of the steering column (kudos to the seller for posting that picture).
But for less than $5,000 — a price that is negotiable according to the ad — you can hardly expect a concours-ready Model A. This seems on the surface to be a very good deal and definitely worth a ride out to Great Neck for a closer inspection. From the seller’s description:
1931 Ford Model A Tudor, This Model A has been owned by same family for forty years, originally located in western PA. Body is in good condition. Car has not been started in a few years. A bit of work will get this car into running condition. Price is negotiable.
1931 Ford Model A Tudor1931 Ford Model A Tudor 1931 Ford Model A Tudor 1931 Ford Model A Tudor 1931 Ford Model A Tudor

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