Wednesday, October 21, 2015

1958 Edsel Roundup

Garage FindFrom Preston M. - Talk about rare! Ford decided to pit the new Edsel division against better established GM products with their 2 door Wagon called Roundup. The name invokes the then trendy cowboy theme and implies that the car can carry a large payload. Unfortunately the popularity of 2 door wagons pealed for the 1957 model year, leaving Edsel with a mere 930 some Roundups being produced. The brand ended up owning quite a few for roadside assistance use. Most of those cars have survived and easily recognized by their signature bluish green paint.

Order FormEdsel is best known for tons of novelty options like power seats and the Teletouch transmission. This particular 1958 Roundup is incredibly bare bones. Optioned with only a heater and vacuum wipers, this Roundup is one of a kind. It has the original PA title, original owners manual,  and the hand written order slip from the dealer dated 1957!  Edith, as she is known, is dressed in what we believe to be her original Coral and White two-tone paint. Also still on her are what we believe to be the original rear tires as it had snow tires mounted on other rims most of its life. Edith only racked up 51,000 miles and looking at her, it isn't hard to believe. The frame still has its original coating in spots.

Car WashThe story goes that the car was daily driven until 1968 and kept as a second car until 1973 when it was parked. In 1978 it was sold to a mechanic at the Ford dealer where the car was always serviced. The mechanic bought it to be a beach cruiser. He bought a bunch of original parts such as an original FOMOCO battery and correct spark plug wires. He drove it twice. Once from the original owner's house to his, and then again to his new house.  It has always been garaged. Rust is incredibly minimal but it also adds to the cars original fabric. No filler on this one.

At HomeHow rare is a Roundup? According to numbers given by the Edsel Club in there registry there are only 32 cars listed as still extant. Once registered, this would be car number 33. It is the 87th Edsel ever built making it amongst the oldest survivors. I think 2nd oldest production Edsel to survive and 7th overall. I have been toying with the idea of selling it, but am not sure I'm ready to let go!


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